Published on
Nov 6th, 2023

Rail Innovators Group

Discover our electrified power wagons

Cool cargo on track: Rail transport redefined for temperature-sensitive goods.

Temperature controlled products must arrive fresh and of the highest quality. Yet their transportation poses challenges, especially in intermodal transport. That’s why we’re introducing two cutting-edge electrified freight wagon models.

We proudly announce a significant milestone in our commitment to simplifying temperature-controlled cargo transportation by rail. Through years of dedicated effort, we have successfully developed electrified freight wagons that ensure both efficient cargo transport and uninterrupted power supply throughout the journey. This represents the most sustainable and cost-effective approach to temperature-controlled transport.

Our electric wagons offer:

• Self-Sufficient Energy Generation: Generates power from wheel rotation, eliminating the need for external sources.

• Flexible and Universal Usage: Adaptable to any train type, ensuring universal usability.

• Efficient Power: Operates at a minimum 30 km/h, storing excess energy for slower speeds or stops.

• Battery Backup: If we are stationary or moving at speeds below 30 km/h, the system will draw energy from the battery, allowing us to sustain operations for 8-10 hours.

• Elimination of Gensets: No need for genset or other polluting diesel engines.

• Green Solution: Contributes to a greener and more sustainable transportation system.

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