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  • 01 Logistic services

    Raillogix is an integrated logistics service provider using railway as the backbone for its services and products. Acting as a logistical architect and supply-chain-manager, the company organizes railway transportation for various commodities such as containers, metals, dry-bulk and consumer goods. The company is active in Europe, but also provides intercontinental transport between Europe and Asia.

  • 02 Traction services

    Rail Force One opened her doors in 2016 as a traction provider. With its modern fleet of locomotives and trained drivers, the company hauls any kind of cargo trains trough the Netherlands, Germany and Poland.

  • 03 Wagon rental

    Railrelease is keeping freight moving, by leasing the right wagons, the right way. As an integrated service organization with a modern fleet of wagons and an operator-driven approach, her goal is to provide a seamless wagon leasing experience on demand.

  • 04 Maintenance services

    Combo wagon services is a maintenance provider offering preventive and corrective maintenance through its own workshops as well as a team of mobile maintenance teams. Flexibility is key and the competent team can cope with small repairs or heavy maintenance overhauls, and everything in between.

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